Electric Skateboard Review - Altered vs E-Glide

In January 2010 I was surfing YouTube with my daughter when I came across a video shot in Hawaii of an Altered Electric skateboard. It was awesome! Guys were ripping grassy hills apart and effortlessly carving up the streets of Hawaii. I instantly got on line and ordered one... or tried to at least, they wouldn't ship to us in the great white north... at least not at a cost I could bare. As it turned out my good buddy and fellow FSC member Jeffro was headed to Hawaii so I sent him on a mission to pick this monstrosity up.

Once I had this baby in my arms and did the necessary battery connections, I turned it on (without reading directions) and blasted a giant black rubber streak across my wife's white living room carpet. I didn't realize there's a delay of about 10 seconds before the wireless remote makes the connection to the main circuit board on the skateboard. My bad!

Anyway, this thing rips! I love the off road capabilities and the wireless remote is pretty slick (when the batteries fully charged). I put a lot of miles on the green monster this first month or so but then on a trip to Revelstoke in early March, G-doo (who also bought one) and I decided to hit the bike path along the river and put on a few miles. I fired mine up and there was nothing. At first I thought the remote had dead batteries so I swapped those out, still nothing. I noticed some melted wires near the circuit board so I opened the compartment and found just a horrible mess of melted components. I was choked! I called the main office up and at first everything sounded great, "send the motor and circuit board back, we've had some other problems, we'll replace this in no time". That was March, now it's October and I still haven't seen anything and it's like pulling teeth to get them to respond to an email. In there defense they are purchasing these boards in China and I've been told that it's the Chinese that are delaying the new circuit boards from arriving. Either way my $1000 skateboard granted me a total of 1 month worth of fun and I'm not holding my breath that I'll ever see anything from them.

- Just an update as of December 2010, I am still waiting on the parts I was promised (and had sent back) since March... excellent service!

- Updated January 2011 - I received a response that I may see a new circuit board soon, testing is currently underway.

- Update April 2011 - I still have not heard anything from Altered and am not sure what my next step will be.


By about August I got ancy and extremely tired of waiting for these yahoo's to come through on my parts so I got looking around and came upon the E-Glide electric skateboard and was completely blown away. The GI model had these crazy trucks that were developed by Ground Industries for use on there mountain boards and to top it all off they were the only ones using a lithium battery which is a major breakthrough in the electric skateboard market. Altered is using 3 - 12VDC motorcycle batteries that each weigh 11 pounds (33 pounds per board) where as the lithium battery for the e-glide weighs just 4 pounds total and you get the same distance/ speed out of it. 

So, after some deliberation and G-doo pushing me, we both ordered them up at a cost of $2000 each with shipping and the Lithium battery addition. The first board that showed up to my house was delaminated and very beat up from shipping but after a brief conversation with John at e-glide I had a new one out to me in less than two weeks at zero cost to me. Altered take note... that's customer service!

These boards are no comparison to the Altered. Not even close! They are WAY better and perform absolutely perfect. The Bionic trucks carve like a snowboard on a 60cm fresh day, the board is so much lighter I can actually lift it in my car and the wired remote is a little cumbersome (I'm a goofy footer so I control with my left hand) but now that I'm used to it I don't mind it. I don't know exactly what I get for kilometers out of one charge but I've carved my street up for well over an hour and still had plenty of juice left. 

So to sum this whole little personal opinion article up I obviously would warn anyone dealing with Altered that there Chinese made board although very fun will probably break down and you'll be SOL. On the other hand if you can spend a little more you get an American made board from a great company that stands behind there product and is innovative in developing this life changing board.

-Justin Fleming
email flemko@mac.com

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Altered M6 800 - $1000cdn


E-Glide GI - $2000cdn

I came across a bear while riding my Altered M6 in Revelstoke Canada.